Dev Update 8 - January 19th 2023 - Stats

January 18, 2023

Greetings Slayers,

Happy new year and welcome to another Dev Update. In the last update, we discussed some of the new changes for the items. 

To continue in a similar fashion, we’ll be talking about stats in today’s update. 

Current Challenges

Understanding stats and how they behave is part of the main gameplay. While stats like ‘Attack’ and ‘Health’ are straightforward and easy to understand, ‘Defence’ and ‘Crit’ aren’t communicated as clearly.

Here’s what we are thinking currently to hopefully improve things:


Instead of adding more stats, we decided to stay with the 4 that we currently have: Attack, Health, Defence (with some changes) and Crit. Reason for this is we feel the 4 main stats all feel unique enough and actually work well together. add weight to player choice but not over-complicated the design.
With the addition of the combat modifiers from relics, we believe we can create a flexible yet easy to understand framework for build crafting. Here’s a breakdown of what’s currently decided.

Unchanged Stats:


  • Determine the attack power of the Slayer. Is the primary stat for Astral Seeds (red items) but can also be found on Spirit Echoes.


  • Determine the total health pool of the Slayer. Can be found on both Astral Seeds or Spirit Echoes.

Needs to be better communicated or explained


  • Determines the chance to deal 2x damage on an attack. It is important to note that Crit will only affect the proc chance and will never increase the damage modifier itself. Can be found on both Astral Seeds and Spirit Echoes.

Modified Stats:


  • Defence has been a confusing stat that quite often also gives the wrong impression to players despite our best efforts to describe or clarify. It needs to feel like, you guessed it, defence.

    To keep things simple and give the proper impression, Defence will now determine the amount of damage mitigated and will no longer act like a barrier mechanic (second health pool that recharges). Can be found on both Astral Seeds and Spirit Echoes.

Hopefully with these changes, deciding items and their stats becomes a much more interesting experience for players.

That is all for now and we will see you in the next dev update. Stay tuned!

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