Official Game Announcement

August 20, 2022

We’re excited to announce the first game on the Ruby Play Network platform will be dropping soon! It’s a leaderboard style, score-based game that combines rogue-like, auto-battler, and RPG elements. It’s free to play, and has play-2-earn potential built into it. Players accept the challenge to delve into the depths of an ancient dungeon, in the hopes of defeating the almighty shadow that lurks within.

Meet The Slayer

The Slayer is an unnamed anthropomorphic cat warrior that we will be playing as. He has answered the call to adventure, and his quest has led him to the dungeon doorstep. 

The Slayer wields a magical sword - the Dark Avenger - and a magical shield - Chaos Defender - as his main weapons. These special weapons allow The Slayer to absorb the magical properties of other items, in order to grow stronger and eventually conquer the dungeon.

Early-access release is next Friday, August 26th!

If you want to hear what our community is saying about it, jump on our Discord channel.

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