Dev Update 7 - December 9th - Items

December 9, 2022

Greetings Slayers,

Welcome to another Dev Update. As you may know, the team has been busy working on the next stage of the game. 

We are finally ready to share what these are and slowly reveal them over the next few dev updates.

To start things off, we’ll be talking about the changes to items in today’s update. 

Current Challenges

Items are a crucial part of the game and essential to the Slayer’s power growth. We feel that the way it currently works does not quite match what we intended for it to be.

  • Item progression is too linear with no real player choice. Oftentimes, you either get a better item or you don’t and unfortunately becomes overly luck-based. We want items to be more interesting and allow players more choices on how they want to play 
  • Choosing, replacing and equipping weapons can feel janky and unresponsive at times. The UI is also not as tidy and could be improved to better communicate interactivity.
  • Visually, different weapons aren't reflected in-game and can feel disjointed. Narratively, It also does not quite fit the vision of the Slayer having magical weapons that absorb powers of fallen enemies.

Here’s currently what we have in the works:

Astral Seeds, Spirit Echoes and Relics

To help improve and streamline the gameplay experience, items will be categorised into 3 types: Astral Seeds, Spirit Echoes and Relics.

What are Astral Seeds and Spirits Echoes?

  • Astral Seeds and Spirit Echoes will be replacing the current weapons eg, Demon Halberd, Spiked Shield.
  • Both have dedicated equipment slots with matching colours. Astral Seeds will only fit into the red equipment slot while Spirit Echoes will only fit into the blue equipment slot.
  • Astral Seeds will always have ‘Attack’ as a primary stat and a random secondary stat. Stats will not double up on the same item.
  • Spirit Echoes will have 2 random primary stats. Stats will not double up on the same item. 
  • This change should hopefully make picking and equipping items more straightforward. Thematically, this also fits the magical weapon fantasy much better.

What about Relics?

  • Relics have been completely reworked and will no longer hold any stats.
  • It will now provide a combat ‘mutation/modifier’ instead that alters the Slayer’s combat flow. There are currently 5 modifiers:
  • Dodge - Chance to dodge an attack
  • Lifesteal - Leech some health back on an attack
  • Stun - Chance to stun the enemy on an attack.
  • Bleed- Chance to bleed the enemy for extra damage on an attack
  • Counter - Counter attack the enemy on receiving an attack.

Hopefully with these changes, we’ll have a much better item structure that’s much easier to understand while offering deeper gameplay. 

That is all for now and we will see you in the next dev update. Stay tuned!

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