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RUBY Staking and Farming programmes

Explore where you can put your RUBY and have them grow while you own them.

The Business

Here at Ruby Play Network we are a team of approximately 40 passionate and talented individuals with offices in Christchurch & Westport, New Zealand.

Ruby Vault

Our initial programme saw 20% of initial supply staked at the Ruby Vault with 11m RUBY in earnings.

Our new staking programme has been implemented and is accessed via our portal. Be sure to join our community to stay updated on progress!

Bitrue: Power Piggy

Power Piggy is a crypto staking rewards proposition created by Bitrue. Interest generated is based on a three-tier system according to held BTR tokens. The more BTR owned, the higher APY provided on staking.

Apeswap: Jungle Farms

The ApeSwap Jungle Farms programme has now finished. View the contract on BSC scan.


Meet the leadership

Tom Cook
Founder & CEO
Tim Smith
Founder & CTO
Joanna Patri
Lead designer

Join our community

Join our community today and be part of the journey! Check out sneak peeks and contribute feedback to the design & development of Ruby Rewards AND Descent into Crimson Hollow- RUBY's first Free-2-Play, Play-2-Earn game in the making!