How to NFT stake RUBY on xportal

October 11, 2022

Do you want a visual guide for how to stake on Ruby Play Network’s new NFT staking program?

We've got you covered! Follow the below steps to enter and win some RUBY!

Connecting to xportal with either Metamask or connect wallet function available for app wallets like Trust Wallet
  • Make sure you connect via web 3 using Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) through your metamask or wallet connect-friendly application. Make sure you have both RUBYs and some BNB (BEP 20) for the transactions. A few dollars worth of BNB will be enough for multiple transactions.
You will need to be on the BSC network, have at least 1,000 RUBY and some BNB (smart chain type ie BEP-20)
Check you are on the correct network and wallet before proceeding/refreshing
  • Once logged in, make sure you are on the correct tab. Have a look at the below image. You can see that the NFT Staking tab is highlighted. These tabs will appear in the top left corner of the page.
Old staking is still available under Staking, while new is under NFT Staking
  • You will need to then stake some RUBY in order to be part of the monthly sweepstake. You have two buttons you can click on, and a form field where you can enter any number of RUBYs you want to stake.
In the screenshot above, there is 1000 RUBY ready to be staked, but you can choose the number you want to deposit by entering the amount you have or picking ‘stake all’ to stake all of them.
  • For more detailed information read the two cases below
  • Stake All: Clicking this will input your entire RUBY balance in the form field. This button does not automatically stake your RUBY just yet. You can choose a custom amount by entering a number in the form field to the left of the “Stake All” button. 
  • Stake x: Clicking this button will give you some options on how long you want to stake and the amount of interest you will receive. Longer terms will give higher interest returns. Selecting one of the options will then open a pop-up window where you need to give RPN (Ruby Play Network) permission to pull RUBY from your wallet. RPN will then pull the amount entered from your wallet. Please see the image below for some of the options you could select. 
After selecting the length of time you will stake for, a pop-up window will appear...
  • The first one will ask you to grant RPN permission to transfer RUBY from your wallet to be held. The second pop-up (second image below) will be the actual transfer of RUBY to RPN...The second pop-up (second image below) will be the actual transfer of RUBY to RPN.
The transaction may take few seconds to complete and show up in your history as successful, you do not have to do anything until then but wait.
  • If you are unsure if the transfer worked, or you want to remind yourself of the amount staked, you can simply look at the “Staked Balance”
USD value will also show for the amount you are staking.
  • You can also see how many entries you have below the stake amount. Each time you stake, you get an NFT with the number of sweepstake tickets. You get bonus for staking amounts over 10,000 (eg. 10,001) for more info on bonuses check our FAQ:
The first sweepstake used 1000 RUBY, so it has only one entry (as seen by the number at the top of the left ticket) The middle ticket had 10,000 RUBY staked, so it has ten entries. The ticket on the right had 10,001 RUBY staked, which put it in the blue NFT category, which is ten tickets plus a bonus of five extra tickets. Note: Each unstake will remove the corresponding ticket and the amount of RUBY from RPN and back to your wallet. 
  • You will be assigned basic ORANGE NFT and 1 ticket per 1,000 RUBY staked, plus bonus tickets for higher levels.
  • BLUE NFT: 10,001 - 50,000 RUBY staked = 5 bonus tickets
  • GREEN NFT: 50,001 - 250,000 RUBY staked = 15 bonus tickets
  • RED NFT: 250,001 - 1 Million RUBY staked = 40 bonus tickets
  • GOLD NFT: Over 1 Million RUBY staked = 100 bonus tickets

When your sweepstake NFT is unlocked and you want to withdraw your rewards and unstake, you only need to click “Unstake”. A pop-up window will appear and you only need to accept one transaction, then your RUBY will be returned to you. Alternatively, you can claim rewards and continue staking  until the staking contract expires (regardless of the staking term you selected).

Please note that you cannot unstake until your staking duration has ended. For example here, the entry is locked from the 3rd of October until the 2nd of November. The length of time is shown at the bottom of the sweepstake ticket. 
  • You do not need to do anything else to participate in the monthly Sweepstake draw once you have staked. We will prizes to your wallet automatically. Your entries are automatically entered each month as long as you are still staking at the time of the monthly snapshot!

The first announcement will be made on Friday, October the 14th, to participate make sure you have staked your RUBY by the end of October the 7th UTC time. Snapshot for the 1st Sweepstake will be taken sometime after October the 7th and before October the 14th.

If you are needing further assistance, please feel free to reach out on our telegram or discord channel! You can join using the following links:


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