July AMA Summary

August 9, 2022

Since launching the RUBY token on March 15th this year we’ve had a lot of changes internally and the bear market has really settled in also! We want to assure our community that we’ve been hard at work since then, focusing on building our team and our products for you all to enjoy.

Just a couple of weeks ago we jumped onto Twitter Spaces for the first time to connect with our community and answer some of their burning questions. For those that couldn’t make it, we’ve transcribed the top 10 questions and responses below!

What are the top priorities of your project at the end of 2022 and what exciting initiatives can you share with us?

Going into 2023 our top priorities are simple; more fun and games for our community this means more utilization features such as NFTs and partnerships with game developers and publishers.

One initiative we can share is currently known under its codename; Project Dungeon Crawler. We are excited to let you know first that it’s a game we have in development, it’s a free to play, play to earn, roguelike auto-battler with RPG elements. If you want to stay up-to-date on our progress you can sign up to our newsletter on our website and for those that do, will learn exactly when our early access will be available! Hint: sometime in the next 4 weeks.

Do you have plans to onboard ambassadors for this project and how do you feel about having communities across the globe to aid growth?

Yes we are currently working on our ambassadors programme and would love to hear from any gamers, investors or crypto enthusiasts that are interested in being a RUBY ambassador.

The digital world knows no bounds, it is global and that’s incredibly exciting for us.

How do you get other Crypto influencers in this project?

We are currently developing our ambassadors programme but for now we would encourage anyone interested to contact us via our website or through our social channels.

What great features/ incentives do you have that'll make even non Blockchain believers interested to play games on the RPN?

What makes RPN so unique is that you don’t have to have knowledge of blockchain whatsoever to play our games on the RPN. In fact, you may not even realize it at all. Each game can create their own unique features and incentives.

What is the RPN team plan to recover the price in the future? And what is your plan to attract many new investors/ users?

We strongly believe that the utilization of the token will drive the value of the RUBY and that is why we have taken a very agile & iterative approach to the development of the platform that will enable that utilization. We have identified the minimum functionality that is required without sacrificing quality of what we’re building and for the past 10 weeks have had a very focused, high functioning and performing team to execute the development of the platform.

Is there any plan for pairing with a stable coin potentially, so gamers could know exactly how much their RUBY token is worth at all times?

There is currently no plan to pair with a stable coin and with the recent example of terra it has highlighted the risks in doing so.

Will RUBY list on Binance by next year?

With how motivated and focused the team are at applying themselves to all the things we are planning to do, we have every intention to list on Binance as soon as possible.

Are there going to be action packed games for RPN in the future?

Absolutely! All styles of games are welcome on the RPN

Besides staking, can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to hold your token for the long run?

Fun. Elevated game play through new and interesting mechanisms to advance your in-game experiences through value propositions, NFTs.

Value. Our mission is to make crypto fun and rewarding for everyone. As gamers play the value that is generated will be able to be spent on more than just games in the future of RUBY. It will expand to everyday retail and utility needs.  

Will there be multiplayer games available on the RPN so I can play with my friends?

All games are welcome on the RPN.

Maria and Dushan are looking forward to their next interaction with the community and provide more updates moving forward. Let them know on Telegram, Twitter or Discord what you're burning questions are about RUBY!

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