Ruby Token Promotional Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Ruby Token Promotion

Version: 1.0

Last updated: 25/07/2022


1. Parties

  a. Ruby Play NetLimited (“RPN”) is a limited liability company incorporated in New Zealand that is a service provider for the Ruby Play Network.

  b. Recipient(“You”) is the person that receives RUBY from RPN under any promotion, give away or any method by which RPN transfers any amount of RUBY from its ownership tothat of Recipient, or directs RPN’s subsidiaries or affiliates to transfer any amount of RUBY, in any manner and form RPN chooses.


2. Definitions

“Binance SmartChain Network” is a digital asset exchange that empowers its users to build decentralised apps using blockchain technology.

“Promotions”include giveaways and other programs where certain individuals are sent RUBY according to terms set by RPN.

Ruby Token(“RUBY”) is a digital token that utilises the Binance Smart Chain architecture.

“Ruby PlayNetwork” is a rewards-based ecosystem that utilises RUBY to provide loyalty rewards to users.

3. The purpose of these Promotions is the promotion of the Ruby Play Network and that of RUBY.This is intended as a free gift to current and potential users of the Ruby PlayNetwork, in exchange for some or no action on part of Recipient.


4. Acceptance criteria: By receiving and continuing to own RUBY that was given to you by RPNor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, you agree to these terms and conditions and any addendums specific to a promotion which form the entire agreement between you and RPN. New Promotion terms may be created and token supplies may be increased at RPN’s sole discretion. Such changes take effect when updated on our website, so we encourage you to routinely check this page for updates. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you also agree to theRuby Play Network Website Terms and Conditions available at 


5. RPN may offer Promotions to eligible persons at RPN’s discretion. What makes a person eligible may change depending on the promotion offered, and will be communicated to the person. These promotions and bonuses may require some specific action from an eligible person including without limitation; performing a certain action within a certain period of time, or by providing information to RPN in an approved manner. If a person is eligible fora bonus offered by a promotion and has successfully completed any required actions, RPN may provide them with rewards.


6. Duration and additional terms of promotions. Promotions and bonuses may be made available to eligible persons indefinitely or only fora clearly defined period of time. RPN has full authority to decide any additional terms and conditions relating to any Promotions, including without limitation the duration or term that a Promotion is available. If a promotion is to be made for a limited time only, this will be communicated via advertisements and on RPN’s internal register. In addition to these terms and conditions, individual terms and conditions will apply to certain Promotions, and will be displayed on the website and/or by any other means.


7. Bonuses are awarded at RPN’s discretion. RPN may disqualify any person from any Promotion in the event that the person: (i)violates any part of these Terms and conditions; (ii) engages in fraudulent or deceptive behavior; and/or (iii) attempts to defeat or circumvent any of the promotional rules or restrictions. RPN reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final. RPN may suspend, discontinue, or modify Promotions at any time for any reason and with no notice provided. RPN has full and total authority in deciding whether to fulfil bonuses and promotions.


8. RPN may decide the mechanism by which tokens are awarded and distributed to participants in promotions. RPN may decide to make an allocation of tokens available to claim from a service instead of transferring tokens directly from them to the participants. In this event, any tokens which remain on this service after 1 month from the time that they are made available for claiming will expire and return to RPN’s treasury.


9. RPN reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final.


10. Disclaimers: RUBY is a utility token, RUBY tokens are not shares or securities and have no approved function outside the Ruby Play Network ecosystem. RPN makes no guarantees about the future or current value of RUBY, and values may change at any time.

RPN does not offer any tax, legal or investment advice of any kind, nor does RPN take responsibility for any tax implications regarding RUBY. It is Recipient’s sole responsibility to understand whether the receiving, holding, selling or any other use of their RUBY tokens bears tax implications of any kind. To the extent permitted by law, Recipient agrees not to hold RPN or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates liable for any tax liability associated with or arising from the use or receiving of the RUBY token. You must determine whether your receipt of Ruby has any tax or legal obligations in your applicable jurisdictions.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the Recipient specifically acknowledges and agrees that trading in RUBY may be prohibited in certain jurisdictions including, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ITS TERRITORIES, CANADA, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA, CUBA, SYRIA, IRAN, SUDAN, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CRIMEA, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (“Excluded Jurisdictions”). The Recipient undertakes to ensure compliance with all applicable laws which prohibit or restrict the trading of RUBY in any form or manner. RPN explicitly disclaims any representation or warranty or related liability that the RUBY is not a security in the United States or Canada, or that the RUBY can be legally traded in the Excluded Jurisdictions. 

RUBY relies on sophisticated software applications, many of which in turn rely on blockchains or similar technology. RUBY currently exists on the Binance Smart Chain Network, which is open source software built on experimental technology (Blockchain). Risks arising from this technology include (but are not limited to) technical flaws, targeted hacking or mining attacks, changes in consensus protocol, decreased community support, rapid fluctuations in cryptocurrency value, the existence of competing networks or products, disputes between nodes and users, and regulatory action. RPN has chosen the underlying technology but makes no representation or warranty as to continued usability of the technology. 

Developments in cryptographic technologies and techniques, including the advancement of artificial intelligence and quantum computing pose, pose security risks to all cryptography-based systems including the Ruby Play Network. Applying these technologies and techniques to the Ruby Play Network may result in theft, loss, disappearance, destruction or devaluation or other compromises of your RUBY, the platform or your data. 

RUBY and the Ruby Play Network rely on the internet which, because of its public nature, means that part or the whole of the internet may be unavailable or unreliable at any given time, Interruption, delay, corruption or loss of data, loss of confidentiality, or the transmission of malware may occur when transmitting data via the internet. 

RUBY transactions on unpermissioned blockchains are irreversible and RPN will not be able to reverse or recall any such transactions once initiated. Recipient bears all responsibility for any losses that may be incurred with sending RUBY to an incorrect or unintended address. 

Your participation in receiving, holding and transferring RUBY, or using a platform, on the Binance Smart Chain network will not be anonymous. It is possible for people, including regulatory authorities, to match your addresses to your identity. 

Your loss of your private key is permanent and irreversible. You alone are responsible for securing your private key to your wallet which holds RUBY. Losing control of your private key will permanently and irreversibly deny you access to your rubies. Neither RPN nor any other person will be able to retrieve or protect your RUBY. If you lose your private key you will not be able to transfer your RUBY to any other address or wallet, nor will you be able to realise any value or utility RUBY may have. 

Malicious entities may target you, blockchains and platforms and may attempt to steal RUBY or otherwise interfere with the use of RUBY. You are responsible for protecting yourself from attacks to your wallet. 

RUBY are a fast-evolving technology. There may be things discovered in the development process which at this point cannot be predicted. We may not yet know all the risks that will be associated with any particular platform. 

Recipient’s of RUBY Tokens may be subject to compliance requirements and may be required to submit relevant documentation required by regulators for Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and other such requirements.

From time to time we may make certain third-party ‘staking’ or other services available to you which hold your tokens for a given time. We do not warrant the security or viability of these services, nor do We warrant or guarantee that you will receive any profit or return from your use of these services. 



From time to time We may refer You to third parties via our Website in order to provide you a ‘Wallet’ for you to store digital assets that You may receive from us.

These Wallets provide functionalities that allow You to store Cryptocurrency and to make Transactions. Transactions must be confirmed and recorded in a blockchain. Once a Transaction has been submitted to the relevant network, the network will automatically record or reject the Transaction and neither We, You nor the third party wallet provider will be able to cancel or otherwise modify the Transaction. After being submitted for recording in the blockchain associated with the concerned Cryptocurrency, a Transaction may be unconfirmed for a period of time. A Transaction is not complete while it is in a pending state.

The blockchain technology being based on a decentralised, peer-to-peer network or database supported by independent third parties, which is not controlled, owned nor operated by the third party wallet provider, the third party wallet provider cannot and does not guarantee that Transactions You initiate shall be confirmed and recorded in the blockchain associated with the concerned Cryptocurrency nor that once stored, they remain on the blockchain. Conflicts between recordings in the blockchain cannot be excluded as a result of which Your Transaction may not or no longer be recorded in the blockchain associated with the concerned Cryptocurrency.

You bear the risk of any transaction not being recorded in the blockchain associated with the concerned Cryptocurrency or for any delay or conflicts in recordings, except in case You prove that such event is attributable to the third party wallet provider’s gross negligence. You choose the Cryptocurrencies to which his Transactions relate as long as they are supported by the third party wallet provider and the counterparty for the Transaction. You are exclusively responsible for the Cryptocurrency and the counterparty You choose. You are solely responsible for ensuring all Transaction details are correct, and You must carefully verify all transaction information prior to submitting transaction instructions. To the extent the Transaction is made as counterparty for the delivery of goods or services, the third party wallet provider’s services do not cover and the third party wallet provider undertakes no responsibility in relation to the delivery, quality or any other aspects of any such goods or service.

The Services do not imply that the third party wallet provider stores, sends, or receives Cryptocurrencies. Any transfer that occurs in any Cryptocurrencies occurs on the blockchains associated with the concerned Cryptocurrency and not on a network or database owned, controlled or operated by Provider.

You are responsible for loss of blockchain objects (including codes or keys, except those under the third party wallet provider’s safeguarding) or Cryptocurrencies. In case of API integration You will make sure that You only shares your API key or codes with third-party applications You trust and You are responsible for any misuse of such keys or codes.

Any disputes regarding this agreement will be decided by binding arbitration by an arbitrator mutually agreed upon by the parties. Any lawsuits arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be determined by the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand. 

12. Any disputes regarding this agreement will be decided by binding arbitration by an arbitrator mutually agreed upon by the parties. Any lawsuits arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be determined by the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.

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